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Demis Volpi, photo: die arge lola

Demis Volpi, photo: die arge lola

Hello Stuttgart!

I just wanted to say Hi from New York, where I am working on a new piece for the ABT (American Ballet Theatre). Daily work and also the repertory are quite different from home, but the dancers where very open right from the start and eager to realize my ideas.
Also the rhythm of the city is totally new to me, everything goes so fast! That means fast working at the theatre and also a very high tempo in the city in general. I’m glad they have these huge coffees here to keep me going ;)

On 5. November my new ballet Private Light will have its World Premiere, outside New York at the Bard College. The New York Premiere then follows on November 8th in the just reopened New York City Center – with 2.200 seats. I’m afraid I’ll have to be super nervous two times, then…
This week Christian Spuck visited me in the rehearsals. It was so nice getting a hug from somebody from home! I will surely miss my Stuttgart audience at the premieres, but there IS one representative, at least: the lovely Christel Binder came and is spending some days as my moral support.

I learned and discovered so much here and I am looking forward to returning home and share my new experiences with my colleagues in Stuttgart.

Keep finger’s crossed for the last rehearsals and the performances!
Much love from New York to everybody, yours,


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