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Maria Eichwald, photo: die arge lola

Maria Eichwald, photo: die arge lola

Hello, Stuttgart!

I’m sending my very best regards from Bejing, this huge metropolis, where I am staying for a few days to perform in the International Ballet Gala at the National Centre for the Performing Arts.
In Bejing, people are now celebrating the Chinese New Year, and the entire city is beautifully decorated – it’s a little bit like Christmas in Europe, most shops are closed, too. Still the traffic is beyond belief, it is almost impossible to get a cab, all the buildings are just huge and there seem to be five new ones being built every day. The National Center where I am performing is an incredible sight, especially at night: a hemispherical building, surrounded by water, and glowing in various colours in the dark. It is close to the Forbidden City.

On January 19th and 20th there are two performances of the annual gala on occasion of the chinese New Year with many international ballet-stars. It is always exciting to meet and work with colleagues from all over the world. I am also very curious about the audience! I will be dancing a Pas de deux from John Neumeier’s “Lady of the Camellias” and Itzik Galilis “Mono Lisa” with Friedemann Vogel.

On Sunday I am heading back to Stuttgart, and Monday – hopefully not too badly jetlagged – will continue classes and rehearsals in my home theatre. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody again!

I wish you a happy and healthy New Year: It is the year of the Water Dragon ;-)

Best wishes from Bejing,
tsai tjen


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