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Hello, there!

The Joyce theatre, photo: private

The Joyce theatre, photo: private

I just arrived in New York to where I was invited to perform with the “ballet next” at the Joyce Theater! I love coming to this city, it is such a fun and vibrant place with very nice people.
And both, “ballet next” and the Joyce Theater, guarantee for exciting experiences. This young company was founded by former American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet luminaries Michele Wiles and Charles Askegard, and especially Michele and I have been wanting to work together forever! Now we’ll be on stage in the same piece, a World Premiere choreographed by Alison Cook Beatty called “Tintinnabuli”, together with four more dancers.
Premiere is on Octobre 23rd, I’ll be home in Stuttgart after three more shows until the 28th. Actually I don’t even have to unpack my bags really – I’m leaving for China with the Stuttgart Ballet right after that!
So I’m really looking forward to some eventful weeks. Hope to see some of you here or there…
Many regards,


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