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Hello from a totally snow-covered Moscow!

We – Axel Schob (head of the production crew), Stefan Seyrich-Hofmeister (lighting) and Fränzi Günther (Administrative Director of the Stuttgart Ballet) – have travelled to the legendary Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow because the company will be dancing two different programs on two different stages of the Bolshoi Theatre in May 2013.

Despite cancelled flights and rebookings, delays and one hour circling over Moscow, we arrived in a totally snow-covered city yesterday. Even the four-lane highways and the center of the city are fully covered with snow, 10 to 20 cm high!! (But that does not keep the people from driving quite fast – they seem to be used to these conditions.)

Stefan Seyrich-Hofmeister, Fränzi Günther, Axel Schob in front of the Bolshoi Theatre (photo: private)

Stefan Seyrich-Hofmeister, Fränzi Günther, Axel Schob in front of the Bolshoi Theatre (photo: private)

Today we were inspecting the whole complex includes both stages of the Bolshoi Theatre– the so-called “Traditional Stage” and “New Stage”. We also learned about the technical equipment of both stages, about the dressing rooms, the ballet studios and other facilities at the theater. With this information we are able to prepare the tour, prepare detailed planning of all the processes and rehearsals in Moscow and understand which technical equipment is available there for our guest performances (what do we have to adapt, what can be realized as in Stuttgart) – and very important: where is the canteen?

We were able to find out that we will be performing in an excellently equipped theatre – there are even several canteens! But if one would have abandoned us somewhere in this theatre we would have been totally lost. In this huge complex of buildings there are incredible passage ways (also subterranean) between the different stages and the “administrative” building! Luckily we have been accompanied by our very nice translator Daria, a former staff member at the Bolshoi Theatre, as well as by our Russian colleagues of the Bolshoi Theatre, who have been with us all day. They also assured that in May there will be fixed enough signs for us – good to hear!

Despite the shock because of the attack on Sergey Filin, Artistic Director of the Bolshoi Theatre, last night all our Russian colleagues were still calm and patient enough to show us everything and to answer all our questions. We really appreciate the staff’s professionalism, especially in this situation. Together with our Russian colleagues we made sure that our tour to Moscow will still take place – now more than ever! After this day and knowing that it will be warmer and the days brighter, we are really looking forward to returning to Moscow in May!

All the best,
Fränzi Günther


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