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Evan McKie (Onegin) and Alicia Amatriain (Tatiana) in John Crankos Onegin, photo: Stuttgart Ballet

Evan McKie (Onegin) and Alicia Amatriain (Tatiana) in John Crankos Onegin, photo: Stuttgart Ballet

It is with great pleasure that I am able to write this email to all of you Stuttgarters at home.

I, along with Alicia, Anna, Friedemann and Nicolai have just come off stage from dancing Cranko’s ultimate Stuttgart-classic, ONEGIN, with the Bolshoi ballet. It was a unique feeling to be dancing Puschkin’s great literary anti-hero in Russia where every audience member has grown up knowing the tragically romantic poem.

The company was extremely welcoming and were very curious to know how a group from Stuttgart approached the steps. Luckily we had a great Onegin from another era with us in Tamas Detrich. It was great having him lead us and the company through the rehearsal Saturday morning before the show. The conductor had never directed a performance of Onegin before and we wanted to make sure that we could really get the most out of the extremely robust-sounding Bolshoi orchestra. The stage, of course is “Bolshoi” which we all know means “big” though it is in fact humongous. It really felt as if we were in the Russian countryside or a grand St. Petersburg ballroom at some points.

The experience was a very special one which we thought would be appropriate to celebrate at Moscow’s celebrated Café Puschkin afterwards. Alicia, Anna, Friedeman and I have all grown up at the Cranko-School seeing this ballet at some point of our dancer-developement (and Nicolai grew up reading the story in Russia) so as you might imagine, none of us would have ever expected to be dancing our individual roles at this particular theater that is such a part of cultural history.
Having said that, I’m sure there was a part of each of us that missed having our Stuttgart-wonder audience in front of us for this particular ballet.
With love and greetings from all of us from the Russian capital.

See you soon-
-Evan McKie with Alicia Amatriain, Anna Osadcenko, Friedemann Vogel, Nicolai Godunov and Tamas Detrich

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