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Mysterious Bloggerina (Blog Post #3)

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That awkward moment when… (the ballet version)

That awkward moment when…

– you know your ballet shoes smell really bad but there is nothing you can do so you blame it on someone else.

– your partners sweat gets all over you and you have to pretend like your totally fine with it when deep down you’re DYING for a shower.

– someone catches you “smell checking” the pits of your warm up t-shirt before you put it on.

– the principal ballerina has lipstick on her teeth but no one has the balls to tell her.

– you run into one of your ballet masters outside of the theater and you realize you have nothing to talk about so you make awkward chit
chat about asparagus and how excited you are that its back in season.

– you thought rehearsal was in the upstairs studio so you waited there for half an hour before realizing no one else was showing up because they were all in the downstairs studio.

– someone has nipple sweat stains.

– someone is wearing your leotard but you don’t remember lending it to them.

– people think that “casted” is a word. It’s “cast”.

– you hear that someone got the stomach flu and lost a bunch of weight and you’re kinda jealous!

– the new girl doesn’t wear deodorant.

– the fact that I just had to look up how to spell “deodorant” because “deodorent” just didn’t look right.

– you accidentally glue your eye lashes together while trying to put on fake eye lashes.

– you have to ask the person sitting next to you in the changing room who’s teaching class every single morning.

– you have to dance with someone that you don’t really like as a partner but you have to pretend to be excited about it when the cast comes out.

– you’re around 2 partners that are getting frustrated with each other and therefor start to dance really aggressively while still having to act like they are in love.

– you completely lose your balance and fall out of a turn onto the floor and people clap for you because you were so spastic.

– you realize that coming to class 15 minutes before the class begins is really late.

– you had a shitty class because you didn’t like your leotard.

– you had an amazing class because you liked your leotard, and you probably felt skinny.


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