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Demis Volpi, Sue Jin Kang in the studio, photo: private

Demis Volpi, Sue Jin Kang in the studio, photo: private

Dear Stuttgarters,

after the world premiere of Aftermath at the Stuttgart Opera House, I had two more premieres in just six weeks: one in Riga with the Latvian National Ballet and after that another one in Toronto with Canada’s National Ballet School.
And now – before finally returning home again – I am in Seoul, Korea. Although it took a few days until I really arrived here – with a 13 hour time difference between Toronto and Seoul, I now have arrived not only physically, but also mentally. What a lively and pulsating metropolis!
I was invited to Seoul by no other than Sue Jin Kang to rehearse with the dancers of her company, the Korean National Ballet, the pas de deux “Little Monsters” which I created three years ago (!) for Elisa Badenes and Daniel Camargo for the Erik Bruhn Prize in Toronto.
For the dancers it’s a special challenge, because my vocabulary is new for them and they have to explore the border between control and letting go. It’s a great luxury that Sue Jin personally supports us and helps us to master this special task. These talented young dancers learn very quickly and thanks to Sue Jin’s highly professional and at the same time humorous way of working they are able to create an approach to the style and the specific erotic charm of the piece despite all cultural differences.
I am curious about their development in the next couple of rehearsal days. After all we already managed in only four rehearsals to learn the steps from two out of three Elvis Songs. After that we’ll “polish” the piece.

But I am already looking forward to my home in Stuttgart!

Bye bye,


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