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Marco Goecke in Monte Carlo, photo: private

Marco Goecke in Monte Carlo, photo: private

Dear Stuttgarters!

One week until the premiere. I wake up in the mornings and there’s this moment of shock that tells me “I have to create a piece”. Then there is nothing but the studio, to which I run like a mother who forgot her children at the platform of the train station.

A few weeks ago I found a CD, which I bought in Cologne around the time when I came to Stuttgart. It’s now covered with scratches and still has the price written in DM on it. Back then I had used a cello piece by  Pēteris Vasks for my work “Chicks”. I am using it again this time and also other cello music from this CD.

Yesterday Mischa Soloviev came to the rehearsal, he’s now dancing in Nizza. This was a great pleasure, after all he was one of my dancers in Stuttgart at the very beginning of my choreographic career. Almost every day there are visitors from around the whole world.
Today Udo (Haberland) arrived, this always gives me the feeling of a lucky charm. It doesn’t matter where in the world we meet, it always comforts me that with his light design he will bring the dance to a new form which integrates everything.

The rehearsals on the weekend will go far into the night.
It is an incredible luxury to go to sleep with a view of the sea.

Greetings from Monte Carlo!
Marco Goecke


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