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SINGAPORE // OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2014 (Day 4, part 3)

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Dear Readers!

This tour has been beyond a doubt one of the most intense ever… so many debuts that the whole company is constantly holding its breath until the curtain goes down on yet another spectacular debut – or in some cases multiple debuts in one evening!!

Happily every single one has been a huge success and each and every one has been so unique and individual that it is impossible to have a favorite.

Last evening it was Anna Osadcenko’s turn and clearly she has Pushkin in her soul and was born for the role of Tatiana. With her, one of the best partners imaginable: a diabolical Jason Reilly as Onegin whose superb partnering skills gave Anna the freedom to throw herself with abandon into her character as though she had been dancing Tatiana for years.

Tonight is the last performance but the excitement is still just as high as for the first performance in Bangkok when Friedemann Vogel gave his debut as an arrogant and then heartbroken Onegin, because tonight Miriam Kacerova will dance Tatiana for the first time. At her side Alexander Jones, an Onegin who would make any woman weak!

Here in Singapore it has been a real joy…. we were told that the audiences are usually somewhat reserved and were happy to see – and feel! – that John Cranko worked his magic once again: cheering audiences and curtian call after curtain call. The applause and cheering is most intense when the curtain closes for the last time as though to say “don’t go!!”.

But don’t despair Stuttgart!!!! Our dancers will dance Onegin in Stuttgart in January and February so we can all look forward to the “Stuttgart debuts”!

No one is looking forward to the long flight home but everyone will be happy to land there.

Until then,

Best regards from all of us here in Singapore



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