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Dear Stuttgarters,

This time I am writing to you from Dortmund where we are in our final rehearsals before the premiere of a program called „Drei Streifen“. Works by Benjamin Millepied and Jiřί Bubenίček will also be on this program. We still have a lot to do but the dancers and the whole staff are very motivated and they’re all doing a great job.

Three duets of mine will be on the program: Little Monsters, the pas de deux from Private Light – a piece I created for the American Ballet Theatre – and Ebony Concerto, which is a new pas de deux, created to the music by Igor Stravinsky. I discovered this music during my research for The Soldier’s Tale for the Stuttgart Ballet and it inspired me to let the music, its language and moods guide me to create a new work. I also think that in this case the music is defined by the dance in a new way or differently in both its concrete and abstract facets.

On Monday I will be back in Stuttgart for the rehearsals for The Soldier’s Tale where we’re also bringing a new world to life through the music of Stravinsky.

But first I am looking forward to the premiere on Saturday and hope that this new duet will soon also be danced at home in Stuttgart! Keep your fingers crossed for me and for the Ballet Dortmund.

See you soon,



PS. The colleagues from Dortmund have also produced a trailer for the mixed repertory evening:


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