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Canada's National Ballet School

Canada’s National Ballet School

Dear Stuttgarters,

this time I am sending greetings from Toronto, a city I am very connected with – because I also went to ballet school here!

This is now the second time that I create  something for Canada’s National Ballet School, this time together with Shaun Amyot. He used to be a dancer for NDT and Frankfurt Ballet and is now a teacher at this school. Together we have worked on this piece which was commissioned by the Panamerican Games. These games are something like the Olympic Games of the Americas!

Lighting rehearsal, photo: Demis Volpi

Lighting rehearsal, photo: Demis Volpi

„of the people“ is a piece for six dancers from ballet schools from different American countries: Chile, Brasil, Cuba, Mexico, USA and Canada. It is very special to see how these young people from very different cultures experience strong human relationships and impressive artistic development through dance and a common objective.

The premiere will be on Wednesday at the Betty Oliphant Theatre, the school’s own theatre. The next day we will have a performance at the Panamania in Nathan Philips Square, which is the central meeting for cultural events during the games. We’re hoping for a big an enthusiastic audience.

Afterwards I will be flying directly to Montevideo where I am creating a new work for the National Ballet of Uruguay under the direction of Julio Bocca. This will be very exciting ….

I am sending you all my love and am looking forward to our next season with Salome.

Please keep your fingers crossed that everything will go well,

Yours, Demis


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