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JAPAN // NOVEMBER 2015 (Day 9)

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Dear tour diary …

already two more days have passed during which we worked and experienced a lot … There were (and are still) many rehearsals for the upcoming performances – in which there will be some debuts: Miriam Kacerova and Constantine Allen will be dancing Romeo and Juliet for the first time in Sapporo on November 25 … but we also had many rehearsals for the Gala that we performed last night – in front of a fantastic audience with lots of „bravos“!

After the performance we had a little surprise for our Principal Dancer Alicia Amatriain who was awarded the German Theatre Prize Der Faust on Saturday: After our Resident Choreographer Demis Volpi accepted the prize on Alicia’s behalf in Germany (because she could not be there), the General Manager of the State Theatre Stuttgart Marc-Oliver Hendriks brought her the prize to Japan on the night of the Gala. This was the perfect ending of a wonderful performance …


One thought on “JAPAN // NOVEMBER 2015 (Day 9)

  1. Love these updates!! Thank you

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