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Alicia Amatriain during the award ceremony for El Ojo Crítico

Dear friends in Stuttgart,

last night was a really special one to me :)) I received the critics award El Ojo Crítico 2017. Every award is something special, but to receive this one in my home country Spain meant a lot to me. Short and sweet, see you all soon!

Greetings from Madrid

Oh, and ps: I’m wearing a dress from my own collection – #AA


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Alicia Amatriain presenting a Gala in San Sebastián.

Alicia Amatriain presenting a Gala in San Sebastián.

Hola Everbody,

All is well here in San Sebastián where I am presenting a Gala called “Donostia Bihotzean” (San Sebastián in my heart). We are ready for our first show tonight and I am very excited to share the stage with fellow Stuttgart dancers Friedeman Vogel and Martí Fernández Paixà and other colleagues Marijn Rademaker, Daniel Camargo, Xander Parish, Aya Okumura, Ekaterina Osmolkina, and Timothy van Poucke.

I’ll be dancing Onegin, Legende and Aus Holbergs Zeit by John Cranko, as well as an excerpt from Hans van Manen’s Frank Bridge Variations and Lightness in Spirit by Katarzyna Kozielska. I’ll also be premiering a new creation by Fabio Adorisio called Egurra!

I want to thank the city of San Sebastián for the amazing warm welcome given to me yesterday at the city hall.

Missing as always my wonderful audience in Stuttgart. See you on Monday!


Alicia Amatriain

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Singapore Tour // October 2017 (Day 4)

After load-in, set up, stage calls and the dress rehearsal it’s finally showtime! The first performance went very well with a fantastic atmosphere on stage and in the public. Lots of curtain calls for all the dancers and the musicians of the Singapore Lyric Opera Orchestra.

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Alicia Amatriain on the stage of the Teatro di San Carlo  in Naples, photo: private

Alicia Amatriain on the stage of the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples, photo: private

Dear Stuttgarters,

I am here in Naples since last Wednesday, under the beautiful Italian sun and enjoying the great food as well. But – of course, I have come here to work :)

I am here at the wonderful Teatro di San Carlo where we have been rehearsing for the world premiere of Gianluca Schiavoni’s Alice in Wonderland. I danced the premiere last night and I am also looking forward to my second show tomorrow evening!

I had a great time here! The other dancers were so welcoming and warm that it felt like being with a family :) It really was like an “adventure in wonderland”.

But I am also looking forward to see you all again soon!

Many kisses from Italy,



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WEIMAR TOUR // April 13 and 14, 2017

We send you hugs and greetings from the lovely town of Weimar! We arrived here yesterday and our former colleagues (from Hasko Weber’s time as Intendant at the Schauspiel Stuttgart) and familiar faces from our last visit here welcomed us in the afternoon. In the evening we had our first stage call with the Staatskapelle Weimar – you can take a look at the photos below …

And tonight it’s toi toi toi for the first performance of John Cranko’s Romeo and Juliet at the German National Theatre Weimar! We hope the audience here will enjoy it and they will be moved by the tragical story of Romeo and Juliet (tonight with Alicia Amatriain and Jason Reilly, tomorrow with Elisa Badenes and David Moore) … To all of you who stayed at home: We wish you nice Easter Holidays :) See you soon!