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Anna Osadcenko as Nikiya in "La Bayadera", photo: Ballet de Santiago

Anna Osadcenko as Nikiya in “La Bayadera”, photo: Ballet de Santiago

Hello, everyone,

I am sending you my very best regards from Chile! Marcia Haydée invited me to work and perform “La Bayadera” with her company, the Ballet de Santiago, and I am so happy I could go! Everyone here is really nice, people are very warmhearted and fun to work with – so I am enjoying every moment and every day. I find it very interesting to experience a new company as a guest, especially because nobody here gives me the feeling of being a stranger.

I have always loved the ballet “La Bayadere” and dreamed of dancing the leading role of Nikiya as long as I can think, so I cannot say how thankful I am to Marcia for inviting me and making this dream come true! My partner is Luis Ortigoza, a Principal Dancer in the Ballet de Santiago, who did the choreography for this “La Bayadere” based on the one by Marius Petipa. I am lucky – he is a beautiful dancer, and a wonderful person.
Training and rehearsals will keep me quite busy, but anyway I hope to find a little time to stroll around Santiago: It is a beautiful place, the city with its old buildings, the nice parks and markets is sure worth taking a walk, and we’ve had nothing but sunny weather.
We will perform “La Bayadere” from April 18th to 21st in the Teatro Municipal de Santiago, so keep your fingers crossed, dear friends at home!

Kisses from Chile,