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CHINA // OCTOBER 2016 (Day 12)

Slowly our China tour is coming to an end. Last night was the second of three performances in Beijing. Hyo-Jung Kang and Constantine Allen who danced together for the first time as Romeo and Juliet were a beautiful couple and were celebrated by an amazing audience! Tonight is already our last performance at the China National Center of the Performing Arts after which we will have a short night before we start our trip back to Stuttgart …

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CHINA // OCTOBER 2016 (Day 10)

Yesterday was a full day for all of us at the National Center for the Performing Arts with a stage rehearsal in the evening …

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CHINA // OCTOBER 2016 (Day 7)

Some last impressions from Shanghai …

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CHINA // OCTOBER 2016 (Day 5)

photo: private

Final applause after our Shanghai premiere

If you have wished us toi toi toi for yesterday’s performance, you did a really great job, because we had a wonderful first show in Shanghai … But enough words – we let the photos tell you more about last night – and give you a little preview for this evening’s performance in which our Principal Dancer David Moore will have his debut as Romeo with Elisa Badenes as Juliet …

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CHINA // OCTOBER 2016 (Day 4)

Yesterday we had our first stage rehearsal with the Orchestra – the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra – in the theatre. Before the rehearsal there was a small press meeting in the theatre’s ballet studio with Reid Anderson and our Principal Dancers Alicia Amatriain and Constantine Allen who will be dancing the title roles in Romeo and Juliet tonight in our first performance in Shanghai. Now keep your fingers crossed and toi toi toi for tonight! You will hear from us soon – until then, take a look at yesterday’s photos …