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Mysterious Bloggerina (Blog Post #7)

Fuck you chocolate.

I don’t understand how some people can be so disciplined when it comes to chocolate, or alcohol for that matter. But right now I want to talk about chocolate because I feel like this needs discussing. Chocolate for me is like a guy that promises to call you or text you but then never does. It’s a lying, cheating, son of a b****! Chocolate’s all, “No worries baby. All will be well. You are a strong, amazing, and confident person. You deserve to eat me AND my friends!”. Then Boom! That bitch turns around and gives you cellulite! I mean, what the fuck? You’re supposed to comfort and console me in my time of need and then piss off before you turn into fat on my ass and take like two whole months at the gym to burn off! It’s so deceiving. Pretending to be all “healthy” these days. Oh yea, apparently dark chocolate is now “filled with antioxidants that are actually good for you”. So now every girl is just pretending to like dark chocolate when we all secretly are craving the milk and white chocolate caramel hot fudge brownie nougat cellulite amazingness. How is that fair? All I was looking for was a little pick me up from my stressful life. Nothing crazy. I didn’t pull out a deep fried snickers ice cream to go with my coffee. It was just a normal sized bar of “healthy” dark chocolate. I didn’t mean to eat the entire thing and then a bag of Kinder Schoko-Bons. It just happened! I swear it’s like crack! Once you start you can’t stop no matter how much you tell yourself “this shit ain’t good!”. IT’S SO GOOD!
Look, I don’t think it’s that much to ask that chocolate have the same nutritional value as spinach. If it did, the entire world would be a much healthier place. I think we’d all benefit from that. In fact, if I had a magic lamp and had only three wishes I’d make that my number 1. You know, for the greater good of all mankind… Ok, I’ll admit chocolate is not the healthiest thing in the world and it probably never will be. But is it so much to ask for something comforting, warm and rich without sounding like a gold digger lookin’ for her man? Isn’t that what every hard working girl wants? Just something to look forward to at the end of the day (or at the end of every meal) that’s not going to have so many unwanted consequences? I feel like God hated girls and was like “Yea, let’s make all of them crave chocolate once a month and then make chocolate the most fattening and addictive thing EVER!”. Good lookin’ out dude. Are you happy now? You get to hear us bitch and complain all day long about how fat we think we are. All it would take would be one wave of your magic wand and suddenly chocolate is good and broccoli is a no go. That’s all I’m asking for! Oh, but while you’re at it, just make french fries healthy too ok? Just for the sake of all mankind. Or just for America. Or just for me.