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Jason Reilly as Onegin, Yolanda Correra as Tatjana and Roman Novitzky


Hei // Hi Stuttgart!

I’m currently enjoying the snowy north – with sub-zero temperatures outside, Roman and I are guesting with the Norwegian Nasjonal Balletten in John Crankos Onegin. After long days of rehearsing in the past week, I danced my first performance this past Saturday. The next one is on February 1st, and then Roman will take over the role of Onegin. This snapshot was taken right after Saturday’s performance, with my dance partner Yolanda Correra, who danced a wonderful Tatjana, and Roman.

Hjertelig hilsen fra // Best



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Project Polunin Satori_Rehearsals_(c)Alexey Lyubimov

Soloists and up and coming dancers after rehearsal © Alexey Lyubimov

Dear everybody,

We have been in London for a week now and are part of a very exciting project: Our friend Sergei Polunin is presenting his Project Polunin’s Satori at London’s Coliseum and invited us to join him along with other great dancers. We are happy to be a part of this!

After we spent many days rehearsing, yesterday the shows started. Along with Sergei, Natalia Osipova and Alexey Lyubimov Jason will dance in Satori, and Elisa will be seen in Scriabiniana, a piece which was staged for its choreographer Kasyan Goleizovsky’s 125. birthday. On Sunday we will dance Christian Spuck’s Le Grand Pas de Deux for the big closing gala. The programme also includes Andrey Kaydanovskiy’s First Solo and Hozier’s Take Me To Church – so it’s a colourful bunch of pieces! Even though the weather is quite British we are looking forward to the next five shows and to dance among so many colleagues from around the world. :-)

Project Polunin_Selfie

Selfie onstage © Jason Reilly

Back in Stuttgart Elisa will dance Swan Lake on the 23rd and we will both be rehearsing for our upcoming premiere Encounters in January.

We send lots of festive wishes to Germany. See you next week!

Elisa & Jason

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WEIMAR TOUR // April 13 and 14, 2017

We send you hugs and greetings from the lovely town of Weimar! We arrived here yesterday and our former colleagues (from Hasko Weber’s time as Intendant at the Schauspiel Stuttgart) and familiar faces from our last visit here welcomed us in the afternoon. In the evening we had our first stage call with the Staatskapelle Weimar – you can take a look at the photos below …

And tonight it’s toi toi toi for the first performance of John Cranko’s Romeo and Juliet at the German National Theatre Weimar! We hope the audience here will enjoy it and they will be moved by the tragical story of Romeo and Juliet (tonight with Alicia Amatriain and Jason Reilly, tomorrow with Elisa Badenes and David Moore) … To all of you who stayed at home: We wish you nice Easter Holidays :) See you soon!

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Alicia Amatriain and Jason Reilly in Houston, photo: private

Alicia Amatriain and Jason Reilly in Houston, photo: private

Hi Stuttgart!

We’re writing to you from Houston, Texas which is really close to the Gulf of Mexico!

The weather is warmer than in Stuttgart and it is wonderful to enjoy the sun. Yesterday we even had some time to go shopping :)

Today and Friday we will be on stage performing: We’ll be dancing Christian Spuck’s Le Grand Pas de deux at Dance Salad Festival!

See you soon,


Jason and Alicia

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Jason Reilly and Polina Semionova at the London Coliseum, photo: private

Jason Reilly and Polina Semionova at the London Coliseum, photo: private

Hi everybody!

After our premiere on Friday I flew to London to dance with Polina Semionova at a gala in honor of the great dancer Maya Plisetskaya. The performance was at the London Coliseum and we danced the last pas de deux from John Cranko’s Onegin. Now I am already on my way back to Stuttgart, because on Wednesday night I’ll be performing again in Hans van Manen’s Kammerballett and in Glen Tetley’s Arena in the Play House.

See you there!