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Hello everybody,

Louis Stiens sends love from Mainz, photo: private

Louis Stiens sends love from Mainz, photo: private

I am writing to you from Mainz, where Stephen Dellatre’s ballet company will perform their company premiere of my choreography MatchBox. Maybe some of you still remember this little work which I created for the dancers of the Stuttgart Ballet. The world premiere was at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2015 on the Court of the Porsche Arena and can still be watched on the internet. Back then I had the idea to send two ballerinas in the arena, surrounded by their male colleagues and team members. Their pointe shoes were ruined after each performance because of the sandy ground which is not ideal for dance – but now in Mainz this will hopefully not be the case. Still, the men dance in sports shoes and the ladies on pointe, but without the arena and the excitement of the tournament. I will now watch the last rehearsals with lights and costumes before I send those six adorable dancers from Mainz into their intimate “arena”.

As soon as I am back in Stuttgart, I will be dancing in Krabat, the mixed repertory evening SEDUCTION! and continuing to work on my second commission for the Stuttgart Ballet for the mixed repertory evening NIGHT PIECES. I hope you are all well and that you will be there for the premiere on March 24, 2017! Let us welcome spring with an open heart!


louis *+*