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JAPAN // NOVEMBER 2015 (Day 19)

This is our last hello in the tour diary for this Japan tour, as we’re now actually already back at home in Stuttgart. However, we had two wonderful last days in Osaka and a spectacular final performance of Onegin – with Elisa Badenes and Friedemann Vogel. In the end our presenter NBS surprised us with glittering confetti and a beaming “Sayonara” during the final bows. We really enjoyed this tour to Japan and hope to return soon. But for now we’re back in the Opera House in Stuttgart, trying to get over the jet lag and rehearsing for our next performances at home. Hope to see you all again, soon!


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Jason Reilly in Onegin, photo: Roman Novitzky

Jason Reilly in Onegin, photo: Roman Novitzky

Hello Everybody,

I am in Berlin, having flown here straight from Tokyo. This weekend I am dancing Onegin here with Polina Semionova. This is our first time dancing together, so I am really excited. All told, it will be my fifth Onegin performance with my third partner in just three weeks! In Seoul I danced with Sue Jin Kang, in Tokyo with Anna Osadcenko and now here in Berlin with Polina. So Cranko rocks and so does Onegin!

Looking forward to coming home to Stuttgart!

See you there soon,


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JAPAN // NOVEMBER 2015 (Day 17)

Greetings from Osaka! Not only the dancers arrived today at the Hyogo Performing Arts Center in Nishinomiya, but  also the whole technical staff; so the trucks had to be unloaded and boxes to be unpacked and everything had to be set up for the performance of Onegin tomorrow (the last one for this tour!) … In the meantime the dancers had rehearsals in the studio. But see for yourselves!

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JAPAN // NOVEMBER 2015 (Day 15)

The "snowbound" theatre in Sapporo!

The “snowbound” theatre in Sapporo!

Dear tour diary readers!

Today we send you a snowy “hello” from Sapporo … After our last performance in Toyko (the third Onegin with the dream couple Anna Osadcenko and Jason Reilly in the lead roles!) we traveled to the Island Hokkaido in the north of Japan. The journey took longer than we all thought, as nobody expected it to snow so much! Sapproro is covered in almost 50 centimetres of snow …

We only have a short “stopover” in Sapporo. Tonight is already the performance of Romeo and Juliet – with some exciting debuts: Miriam Kacerova and Constantine Allen will dance the star-crossed lovers Juliet and Romeo for the first time; the other debuts are Robert Robinson as Tybalt and Martí Fernandez Paixa as Paris. So a huge toi toi toi for all of them!

Tomorrow we will travel on to Osaka, our last stop for this tour …

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JAPAN // NOVEMBER 2015 (Day 13)

Dear Tour Diary,

last night was a very special night as our principal dancer Roman Novitzky gave his debut as Onegin. It is no exaggeration to say that it was spectacular. With perfect calm, superb partnering and a very own interpretation, Roman delivered the performance of a lifetime.

His Tatiana was Hyo-Jung Kang who also threw herself heart and soul into her role. Angelina Zuccarini and Pablo von Sternenfels were a feisty and passionate couple as Olga and Lensky and Matteo Crockard-Villa gave his equally successful debut as Prince Gremin, every inch the aristocrat who presented his wife proudly and with great solicitude at his ball. All in all a very exciting evening which was rewarded with many curtain calls and a very enthusiastic audience.

Tomorrow is a travel day: the company flies to Sapporro. There the next debuts await us: Miriam Kacerova and Constantine Allen will give their debuts as Juliet and Romeo.

We will keep you posted!!!

Unsere zweite Onegin Vorstellung in Tokio mit Hyo-Jung Kang als Tatjana und Roman Novitzky als OneginRoman Novitzky bei seinem Onegin Debüt in Tokio