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Bangkok Tour // October 2017 (Day 9)

We are so happy…we had a fantastic first performance in Bangkok and we celebrated our Soloist Adhonay Soares da Silva’s debut as Petrucchio in The Taming of the Shrew. Instead of trying to put it in a nutshell, we let the photos of our photographer and Principal Dancer Roman Novitzky speak for themselves…




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CHINA // OCTOBER 2016 (Day 13)

Greetings from Stuttgart! We’re back home now … here are the photos from our last day in Beijing:

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CHINA // OCTOBER 2016 (Day 12)

Slowly our China tour is coming to an end. Last night was the second of three performances in Beijing. Hyo-Jung Kang and Constantine Allen who danced together for the first time as Romeo and Juliet were a beautiful couple and were celebrated by an amazing audience! Tonight is already our last performance at the China National Center of the Performing Arts after which we will have a short night before we start our trip back to Stuttgart …

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CHINA // OCTOBER 2016 (Day 11)

Photos  from yesterday – our first performance on this tour in Beijing :)

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CHINA // OCTOBER 2016 (Day 7)

Some last impressions from Shanghai …