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Hello from London!

Robert Robinson, photo: Carlos Quezada

Robert Robinson, photo: Carlos Quezada

I am just about to have my rehearsal at the London Palladium for tomorrow’s show.

I’m very excited to be performing here for Dame Vera Lynn’s 100th birthday, with an amazing line up and have already had the opportunity to meet some old friends. I will be  dancing a new piece by Marco Goecke specially created for the event.

It’s always a strange feeling to come back to England as I feel I’m entering as a foreigner. The busy life style and rush I get from this city is great. It’s a very thought provoking place for me, but I often find it hard to think with so much going on. It’s clear to see how comfortable the living and working situation in Stuttgart really is.

I wish everyone a lovely weekend back in Stuttgart!


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CHINA // OCTOBER 2016 (Day 12)

Slowly our China tour is coming to an end. Last night was the second of three performances in Beijing. Hyo-Jung Kang and Constantine Allen who danced together for the first time as Romeo and Juliet were a beautiful couple and were celebrated by an amazing audience! Tonight is already our last performance at the China National Center of the Performing Arts after which we will have a short night before we start our trip back to Stuttgart …

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CHINA // OCTOBER 2016 (Day 5)

photo: private

Final applause after our Shanghai premiere

If you have wished us toi toi toi for yesterday’s performance, you did a really great job, because we had a wonderful first show in Shanghai … But enough words – we let the photos tell you more about last night – and give you a little preview for this evening’s performance in which our Principal Dancer David Moore will have his debut as Romeo with Elisa Badenes as Juliet …

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Dear Stuttgart audience, dear ballet fans, dear friends!
I am writing to you from Projektraum LOTTE on Willy-Brand-Straße, where I have been preparing a project with my dance colleague Robert Robinson for some months which is very important to both us.

Projektraum LOTTE is a space designed by art students as a gallery that gives young artists – and those who want to become artists – the possibility to realize their ideas beyond rules and expectations. They are only committed to their own idea, but also with hardly any financial support!

Outside Projektraum Lotte, photo: Martin Becker

Outside Projektraum Lotte, photo: Martin Becker

Last year Robert and I passed this little room with two windows on our way home, tired and exhausted from the performances, and we started thinking about what a dancing body would look like inside these decayed, bare but still strangely welcoming walls. A shop window inhabited by a dancer who can be watched by people accidentally passing by, telling about his past/present/future life. This was my first idea and it was received well by the curators of LOTTE who willingly offered their support.

Now I have two more weeks to finish the Solo Slam for Robert. The architect Christine Nasz and her colleague Stefanie Hunold created a space resembling a cell, which gives the gallery a new look. Locked in this floating prison, Robert will adopt the room as his own. From the windows the audience will see him searching the walls and floor for a way out and realizing that he cannot leave this prison, which might also stand for his own body.
We’re wishing for an exciting experience outside of the theatre, which will – in the midst of city life, people passing by, the heavy traffic and the construction site at the main station – question dance, choreography and their place of origin anew.

We are hoping to meet all of you at LOTTE! Please keep your fingers crossed, so we will manage to set up this daring project during the next days and come along to see the result. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Louis Stiens und Robert Robinson!