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Alicia Amatriain presenting a Gala in San Sebastián.

Alicia Amatriain presenting a Gala in San Sebastián.

Hola Everbody,

All is well here in San Sebastián where I am presenting a Gala called “Donostia Bihotzean” (San Sebastián in my heart). We are ready for our first show tonight and I am very excited to share the stage with fellow Stuttgart dancers Friedeman Vogel and Martí Fernández Paixà and other colleagues Marijn Rademaker, Daniel Camargo, Xander Parish, Aya Okumura, Ekaterina Osmolkina, and Timothy van Poucke.

I’ll be dancing Onegin, Legende and Aus Holbergs Zeit by John Cranko, as well as an excerpt from Hans van Manen’s Frank Bridge Variations and Lightness in Spirit by Katarzyna Kozielska. I’ll also be premiering a new creation by Fabio Adorisio called Egurra!

I want to thank the city of San Sebastián for the amazing warm welcome given to me yesterday at the city hall.

Missing as always my wonderful audience in Stuttgart. See you on Monday!


Alicia Amatriain