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Alicia Amatriain during the award ceremony for El Ojo Crítico

Dear friends in Stuttgart,

last night was a really special one to me :)) I received the critics award El Ojo Crítico 2017. Every award is something special, but to receive this one in my home country Spain meant a lot to me. Short and sweet, see you all soon!

Greetings from Madrid

Oh, and ps: I’m wearing a dress from my own collection – #AA


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Roman Novitzky as Onegin and Maiko Nishino as Tatjana during rehearsal © Jörg Wiesner


Hello from Oslo!

Right now I am rehearsing for Onegin – I have performances on Friday and next Tuesday and I can’t wait to dance them. It has been great to be here in Oslo, I really enjoy it. They have a beautiful, modern theater and the company and people are very sweet, nice and friendly. I made a lot of new friends! :-) On the other side, I am staying here for quite a long time, so can’t wait to come back to Stuttgart to see my family – Miriam and Lucas (who turned one year yesterday) and also the company and the people and start to work on my piece for The Fab Five again. :-) :-)

See you all soon.


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Jason Reilly as Onegin, Yolanda Correra as Tatjana and Roman Novitzky


Hei // Hi Stuttgart!

I’m currently enjoying the snowy north – with sub-zero temperatures outside, Roman and I are guesting with the Norwegian Nasjonal Balletten in John Crankos Onegin. After long days of rehearsing in the past week, I danced my first performance this past Saturday. The next one is on February 1st, and then Roman will take over the role of Onegin. This snapshot was taken right after Saturday’s performance, with my dance partner Yolanda Correra, who danced a wonderful Tatjana, and Roman.

Hjertelig hilsen fra // Best


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Project Polunin Satori_Rehearsals_(c)Alexey Lyubimov

Soloists and up and coming dancers after rehearsal © Alexey Lyubimov

Dear everybody,

We have been in London for a week now and are part of a very exciting project: Our friend Sergei Polunin is presenting his Project Polunin’s Satori at London’s Coliseum and invited us to join him along with other great dancers. We are happy to be a part of this!

After we spent many days rehearsing, yesterday the shows started. Along with Sergei, Natalia Osipova and Alexey Lyubimov Jason will dance in Satori, and Elisa will be seen in Scriabiniana, a piece which was staged for its choreographer Kasyan Goleizovsky’s 125. birthday. On Sunday we will dance Christian Spuck’s Le Grand Pas de Deux for the big closing gala. The programme also includes Andrey Kaydanovskiy’s First Solo and Hozier’s Take Me To Church – so it’s a colourful bunch of pieces! Even though the weather is quite British we are looking forward to the next five shows and to dance among so many colleagues from around the world. :-)

Project Polunin_Selfie

Selfie onstage © Jason Reilly

Back in Stuttgart Elisa will dance Swan Lake on the 23rd and we will both be rehearsing for our upcoming premiere Encounters in January.

We send lots of festive wishes to Germany. See you next week!

Elisa & Jason

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Alicia Amatriain presenting a Gala in San Sebastián.

Alicia Amatriain presenting a Gala in San Sebastián.

Hola Everbody,

All is well here in San Sebastián where I am presenting a Gala called “Donostia Bihotzean” (San Sebastián in my heart). We are ready for our first show tonight and I am very excited to share the stage with fellow Stuttgart dancers Friedeman Vogel and Martí Fernández Paixà and other colleagues Marijn Rademaker, Daniel Camargo, Xander Parish, Aya Okumura, Ekaterina Osmolkina, and Timothy van Poucke.

I’ll be dancing Onegin, Legende and Aus Holbergs Zeit by John Cranko, as well as an excerpt from Hans van Manen’s Frank Bridge Variations and Lightness in Spirit by Katarzyna Kozielska. I’ll also be premiering a new creation by Fabio Adorisio called Egurra!

I want to thank the city of San Sebastián for the amazing warm welcome given to me yesterday at the city hall.

Missing as always my wonderful audience in Stuttgart. See you on Monday!


Alicia Amatriain